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A National FA Community Charter Club

Sponsorship Officer

Main Purpose of Role

To be directly responsible for sponsorship and help with other fundraising opportunities for the club..

Actual Duties Involved

To investigate sponsorship opportunities from the commercial business sector

To liaise with the treasurer on financial planning for the club to ensure adequate funds are available.

Formulate sponsorship proposals and ensure sponsorship requirements are met.

To liaise with other club fundraisers to ensure the maximum benefit is derived from all activities.

Produce follow-up literature to sponsors in the form of thank you letters, copies of any press coverage in order to encourage ongoing relationships.

Help other committee members and volunteers to seek sponsorship through their personal contacts.

Liaise With

All committee members and any sub/committees/working groups and in particular the Events officer.

Treasurer and Marketing/Promotions Officer

Team managers and club members

Companies and businesses

The Postholder will be responsible to

The club committee

Meetings to Attend

Monthly club committee meetings

Annual General Meeting

Sub committees by request

Estimated time commitment

Two to three hours per week


12 months subject to renewal at the annual general meeting.